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This project required the establishment of building pads to accommodate a single storey home and garage with an integrated battery house and laundry, 1780 and 660 sq feet respectively. A partial level terrace existed, but the integrity of the filling done by others was questionable. Additionally, an existing reinforced concrete slab and underwater tank were located where the new structures were to be situated. Roadways and parking areas were to be formed and shaped to allow access to the property with ample opportunity for vehicles to negotiate comfortably and safely. Prior to construction of the building pads, the tank was excavated out, demolished and disposed of. As a result, the large hole had to be backfilled using good practice, including dishing-out and benching, filling and compacting with selected on-site soils. Previous fill material placed in the embankments, by others, was removed to expose the original ground profile. It was at this stage that the over-excavation for the building pads commenced. Fill material selected from the excavations was returned in a controlled manner to the over excavation, using both hydraulic and dynamic compaction methods. Quality control was undertaken at frequent intervals and in close consultation with all key players, guaranteeing an excellent end product. We also undertook all the excavations for underground services, including the final installation of the septic system. Additionally, the shaping of the development was completed to accommodate usability and functionality, including allowing for constructing swales and berms to attenuate storm-water runoff.


In our constant pursuit of newer technologies, notably electromobility, we identified an ideal project. A 300+ acre farm bordering Mulholland Drive embodying a network of roads and paths cut into the hilly terrain, where sections of roads were impassable with conventional vehicles and equipment. The mission was to showcase the capabilities of Baltic Civils' vast knowledge and experience. Existing pathways and gravel roads with a combined length of 6600 feet were reinstated and/or reconstructed, allowing for improved storm-water management, erosion prevention and added safety with the implementation of lay-bys. This entire project was undertaken with battery operated small earthmoving equipment!
The project was ultimately a resounding success and most importantly, we gained another ecstatic client!

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